Summer Memories

As I sit here and listen to the gentle rain knowing it's the start of autumn, I am grateful for the beautiful summer we have been able to enjoy. The weather has been amazing! Ideal growing conditions have meant the flowers have been in abundance, with plenty of opportunities for special moments with the kids has made it extra special.

Highlights of the last three months of Summer have been our epic beach Christmas Holiday, new Sunflower varieties that have been to die for - white and plum! Fleur our newest family member, and the cheekiest too! The first Vino & Vases workshop. The many abundant harvests, but especially valentines day! And so many more...

One challenge I now have is due to our lovely (long) family holiday, my succession planting during summer has left a lot to be desired, this is definitely on the to be improved list for next season! I am up for the challenge though, and this season has been so so good! I love working with all the beauty that nature provides in flowers and plants, and consider myself oh so very lucky!

Dahlia's in full bloom

Morning harvests, the best for the peace, quiet and the light!

My daughter Isobella helping harvest eucalyptus!

My son Arthur, the photo bomber!

Flower bar all set up for the Vino & Vases workshop in late February

Abundant harvests with all the summer favourites!

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